A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Enter a mysterious dungeon with no one by your side but your sidekick. Explore the depths of the dungeon, defeat monsters, pick-up loot and power-ups; all only with the help of your sidekick.

- Lead your sidekick through the depths of the dungeon by moving your hero. The sidekick quickly follows the hero's step, picking up any weapons and loot along the way. Be careful, though. You are weak and brittle!

- Sidekicks always have your back, and will use a picked up weapon to attack monsters within their range. Different weapons have different ranges and effect areas.

- Level-up your weapons to unlock more powerful moves.

- Pickup power-ups to give your sidekick a temporary special power.


DungeonVentureMac.app.zip 14 MB
DungeonVentureWin.zip 12 MB

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